Film Fiji

Film Fiji is the film commission of the Republic of Fiji, tasked with managing the government’s filming incentives. The commission provides location services, administers the rebate process, grants film permits and facilitates necessary approvals from authorities such as the tax department, immigration and other government departments.

Film Fiji also provides advice on production budgets and assists with administrative procedures, with the aim of making the business of filmmaking exciting, stress-free, and ultimately positioning Fiji as one of the most sought-after film destinations in the world.

To further assist production companies, Film Fiji has a number of licensed audiovisual agents that offer a range of services including logistical support, accounting services, legal services, to name a few.

Film Fiji also provides regular skill-based training to individuals in order to equip them to work in large productions in numerous capacities. In addition, it maintains a database of experienced local crews, which production companies may access. There is also an extensive online locations gallery that provides various location options to filmmakers.

As a government statutory body, Film Fiji has a large network of local stakeholders who are directly involved in the film industry, ensuring that production companies have a pleasant experience while shooting in Fiji.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (679) 330 6662 | (679) 992 6665

Fax: (679) 331 4662

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Address/Physical Location of the Office:

Ground Floor, Civic House,

New Town Hall Road,

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